A Millennial herself, Fyiona is known as a Millennial Leadership Coach and a "Generational Bridge Builder".



...bridges the generational gap and brings her passion and personality to solving the challenge of a multi-generational workforce.

"I am extremely passionate about generational reconciliation and my work revolves around bridging the generational gap... from both sides."

Fyiona believes that overcoming generational differences and embracing generational diversity will lead to increased productivity and morale. She works with Corporate and Executives to bridge generational gaps to achieve a more engaged and happier work environment for everyone.

How she became a Millennial LEADERSHIP COACH

As the youngest Head of Operations in Shell, she heard much too often how peers who are Gen X or Baby Boomers bash Millennials for being entitled, lazy and impatient. Having led teams spanning across Gen Z to Baby Boomers, she learnt how to effectively lead across generations.

This motivated her to provide support to other managers to start leveraging and embracing the purposeful drive and ambitious mindset of Millennial employees.

Her mission is to make a difference in how Millennials are being perceived in the corporate environment workplace. She wants to share her professional experience as a Millennial Executive and a Hiring Manager with her fellow Millennials and Gen Z to set them up for success.

Professional Background AND CREDENTIALS

Fyiona’s professional background, while diverse, isn’t traditional: Within 14 years in a Fortune 50 company, she rotated through leadership roles from Finance, Digital Transformation to Customer Operations. Before transitioning into entrepreneurship, she was appointed as the worldwide youngest Head of Customer Operations in Shell and successfully led her team through various technological and organizational changes. 

She realized that the most fulfilling and inspiring part of her corporate career revolved around supporting her team and colleagues in their professional and personal growth through coaching and mentoring. Her passion for people development resulted in establishing the first Women’s Network in Shell Hong Kong, launching regional Employee Engagement initiatives and Mentoring Programs for Shell Customer Operations in Asia-Pac which was recognized with a Shell Vice Presidents award.

Fyiona’s clients include executives and emerging Millennial talents from the banking, apparel, media and retail industry, as well as top ranking Business Schools and NGOs in Asia. Her specialties include coaching leaders to grow their business through an engaged and motivated multigenerational workforce.

She is a MBA Career Coach and Facilitator for various universities in Hong Kong, a ‘The Women’s Foundation’ Mentoring alumna, the Vice Chairwoman of the NextGen Women’s Network and sits on the Board of a HR Tech Start-Up.

She is a recognized key note speaker and was invited to multiple conferences and panels to represent the Millennial voice in Asia and emphasize on the importance of leveraging on leadership and communication to empower teams to embrace digital transformation and multigenerational diversity.

Her personal background is equally diverse: As a Malaysian-born Chinese she grew up in Germany, spent 2 years in the US and sees herself as a bridge between the Western and Asian culture. She moved to Hong Kong in 2010 to rediscover her Asian heritage.

Fyiona holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration and is one of the youngest ICF ACC certified professional coaches in Asia. She has also been featured on Forbes, TVB Pearl, HR Magazine APAC and Asian Entrepreneur Magazine.