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How Millennials redefine Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Millennials will continue to disrupt how the world communicates — how we read and write and connect. We’re waiting longer to get married and have children, and we’re less likely than other generations to identify with specific religions or political parties.

We are also view attachments to institutions and traditions differently - we change jobs more often than other generations. What could be a root cause for job hopping?

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How to jump ship effectively and successfully

Countless times we are hearing about Millennials not being loyal and constantly job-hopping. Personally, I think Millennials are rather "opportunity hopping". With technology and globalization, the competition is not limited to the same city or country anymore. We can actually work from anywhere in this world which means that job security is a thing of the past because we compete with others from all over the world. However, this is also a blessing in disguise – doors are open to more opportunities.

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