Before I had my sessions with Fyiona, I was going through my career blindfolded. Fyiona really helped me take control of my work and my career.

I consider myself to be very smart and thus naturally assume a lot of things. My assumptions helped me get to where I am today but it was also the reason why I struggled to understand many of people around me. Fyiona showed me that I didn’t have to assume and that I could just ask. This helped me become a better listener and ultimately a better leader.

It was pleasant working with Fyiona, she is able ask thought provoking questions and is easy to talk to at the same time. She is great at explaining abstract concepts and I was really able to understand what she was trying to tell me.

I’m really excited about using what I’ve learnt with her and taking control of my career. I would recommend her to anyone.

Yang Li (Development Operations Lead, Standard Chartered Bank)

Fyiona Yong